“Méndez offers a cast of well-drawn characters and lots of darkness. As a young author, the writer doesn’t pretend to forge an illuminating ethos for his people. Instead the stories move characters through the night, show people going through the motions thinking through a fog, gente who, when they make decisions, get it all wrong.” — Em Sedano, La Bloga

“Matt Méndez’s Twitching Heart (Floricanto Press) is an evocative collection of stories set in El Paso that challenges the reader to explore the dynamics of relationships, gender roles, politics and faith. The prose is simple but true, and the stories are suspenseful and often without easy conclusions, which encourage the reader to ponder the layers of meaning in Méndez’s prose.” — Sergio Troncoso, The El Paso Times

“There is much to like and admire in Méndez’s first collection of stories. His fully developed characters and settings bring the reader deep into their world and keep readers wanting more. One can only imagine what will come next.” — Nick Depascal, Tucson Weekly

Twitching Heart is a collection interested in revealing the human condition, with all its diamonds and blemishes.  As David Foster Wallace once said, “Fiction is one of the few experiences where loneliness can be both confronted and relieved.”  Ultimately, these stories promise the possibility of love and rebirth even in tragedy, despair, and heartache.” — Kindall Gray, Cutthroat: A Journal of the Arts